Monday, August 16, 2010

The Academic Job Market

I've decided to blog my experience of going on the job market with my partner this year. First a little about me. I am a tenure-track (tt) assistant professor in the humanities. I am at a large R1 university. I am in my second year on the job, with a young child. My partner is a post-doc at my school, working in the lab sciences. He is going on the job market this year. This year is going to be hard.

What we're hoping for: 1. a tt position at my school or nearby 2. a tt position for him and a tt position for me 3. two tt track positions at two different schools near each other 4. an industry position for my partner in this town 5. a staff position for my partner in this town

What is probable? We don't know. We're assuming he won't get a job at my school. We know a spousal hire is our best chance. We really lucked out with my position and would hate to leave such a great city.

What is definitely off the table: living apart.

What is off the table right now: me giving up my tt job.

What I'm afraid of: no job for him. Me giving up on my academic career.

More on my application process when I next post.