Monday, September 13, 2010

Job Postings

I was on the job market for 3 years before I got this job. One of the hardest things for me was imagining all these futures with X job and then not getting it. Now we're both going through this and it is rugged.

So, most of the job postings for my husband's field seem to be up, there are at least 60 jobs. He's probably applying to 30 or 40 jobs, although some are a reach and some are someplace he doesn't want to work. If he does want to work there and the area is off, he's applying. If he doesn't want to work there and the area is right, he's applying.

We're assuming the schools on the quarter system will have later job postings.

My field? 20 jobs so far, of which about 5 I can apply to. Only one can match my 2/2 load, and I'm not sure how to market the application otherwise. Sigh.

One school has openings in both our departments, and it's actually a good match for me and a great match for my husband. I'm not sure if my department would think I'm a good match though, because I have some inside knowledge of their prejudices/priorities.

The best news, we think, is that the school where my husband did his first post-doc has multiple openings. And, the departments are a good fit for both of us. And, there is an alternative department for me. And, it's an R1 with a 2/2 load. We know the area and could settle there easily again.

I'm trying hard not to imagine these futures. Frankly, my first choice is the two schools that need more professors in my program both because of workload and coverage. Creating a job for me in those departments would not be taking a job from anyone else and fixing a needed hole. So, I'm trying to get over the stigma of having a spousal.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Academic Job Market

I've decided to blog my experience of going on the job market with my partner this year. First a little about me. I am a tenure-track (tt) assistant professor in the humanities. I am at a large R1 university. I am in my second year on the job, with a young child. My partner is a post-doc at my school, working in the lab sciences. He is going on the job market this year. This year is going to be hard.

What we're hoping for: 1. a tt position at my school or nearby 2. a tt position for him and a tt position for me 3. two tt track positions at two different schools near each other 4. an industry position for my partner in this town 5. a staff position for my partner in this town

What is probable? We don't know. We're assuming he won't get a job at my school. We know a spousal hire is our best chance. We really lucked out with my position and would hate to leave such a great city.

What is definitely off the table: living apart.

What is off the table right now: me giving up my tt job.

What I'm afraid of: no job for him. Me giving up on my academic career.

More on my application process when I next post.